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Shop Efficiency
  • Constructed with SIP Panels, 78mm clad Tilt/Turn Triple Pane Glass Windows for natural light/heat/ventilation.

Lighting System
  • T5-HO Florescent LED Lighting

Floor Heating System
  • Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating System

Wood Waste Boiler

**We plan on adding a wood waste boiler to our shop in the future
  • Benefits:
    • Reduction of carbon emissions into the atmosphere
      • Fossil fuels add carbon dioxide to the environment whereas biofuels do not. When wood is burned, it recycles carbon that was already in the natural carbon cycle. Consequently, the net effect of burning wood fuel, or another biomass source, is that no-new CO2 is added to the atmosphere.
    • Locally sustainable
      • Biofuels include locally-sustainable resources as well as some facility waste streams. All wastes are organic matter.
    • Keeps "heating dollars" local
      • Biomass fuels can include locally-attainable resources, or often what we might consider waste. Gathering and using these fuels in a sustainable method saves money on fuel and maintains "heating dollars" in the local community. 


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