Interior Door Styles

Advantage Tradition INT 44

  • Solid Wood Interior Door ONLY
  • 1-3/4 In. thick
  • Includes amb, door stops & bearing hinges
  • Fully finished or painted
  • Fully composite cores
  • Split wood species available on request
  • Design possibilities are nearly limitless

Sticking Options

Roman Ogee

Square Stick

One Step

Quarter Bead

Panel Options

Raised Panel

Scooped Panel


Flat Panel

Double Hip Panel

Senior Raised

Senior Bevel Panel

Glass Door Profile

Reverse Roman Ogee

Narrow Reverse Roman Ogee

Square Stick Sash

Square Stick Compression

One Step Sash

Bevel Sash

Quarter Bead Sash

Quarter Round Sash

Quirk Moulding Compression

Applied Raised Moulding

Interior Door Themes

Art Deco

This series is a stylishly emotional seasoned door collection. These doors combine modern European design ideas introduced in the 1930s of France.


Bring an early American sensibility to your home with the Colonial series door. These timeless designs will complement your home with classic grace and elegance. To achieve a more a natural look, choose from any of the interior wood species.


The Farmhouse series represents historically accurate door styles in both panel and glass configurations, as well as updated interpretations of the historic designs. The doors feature square, recessed panels and rounded sticking intended to convey architectural simplicity. Paint the doors in contrasting tones to customize the look. Whether you are building a new Farmhouse inspired home or restoring a piece of history, this style will be perfect for the project.

High Country

High Country series offers a variety of door designs true to the building traditions of mountainous regions. Whether your mountain hideaway is in the Adirondacks or the Rockies, the use of natural materials is integral to the spirit and casual comfort of mountain living. Paint the doors in contrasting tones to further customize the look.


Clean geometric lines give the Modernists series a contemporary look to complement your desire for up-to-the-minute design.

New European

New European series of door will take your design sensibilities back to the high-style French art & architecture. These New European doors will provide French inspiration for your home. 


Southwestern series of doors brings the warmth of the Southwest to your home. This collection showcases doors with simple lines associated with today's Mission-inspired architecture, as well more decorative Southwestern doors designs. This series works well in both paint and stain-grade applications, empowering you to finish the interior space to your exact specifications. 


Traditional series reflects the classic and historic design ideas of an earlier place and time. Bring the charm of America or the historic character of the New England Cape to your home. 


Tudor door collection is reminiscent of the classic Tudor Revival period. Inspired by English manor homes and French country estates, the doors feature an assortment of elegant designs, gentle arches and arched lock rails found in Tudor entries and doorways. 


Tuscan style of door will bring the richness and charm of Italian country living to your home. Tuscan door styles are popular in a variety of wood styles. 


Romantic expression and imagination are emphasized in the Victorian collection of doors. True to its Victorian design origins, this door line features some unusual door styles. The ornate nature of this door line effectively reproduces this historic time period within your home.