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 Less Energy More Savings

We are proud to announce that we are the first smartwin partner in North America!
Smartwin offers the best protection against the weather.  Using high-quality wood from Central Europe, protected externally by solid aluminum giving your windows a long life without any need for maintenance.
Using innovative components in the smartwin frames and high-performance insulating triple-glazing these Windows perform two or three times better then the current standard which is available on the market.

Smartwin is a result of precise German engineering. the optimal use of wood, aluminum, glass and insulation materials result in a high-quality product, which can be used in any building.  From the energy point of view, smartwin thanks to its optimized design , brings a lot to you, and this is confirmed by a PHI certification.  You can rely on the declared properties. It is an optimum product designed to comply with tighter building energy regulations from 2014-2020.

Construction of passive houses is expanding constantly and each year the number built increases.  In Europe, there are now more than 30,000 passive houses built proving that this type of energy performance is possible.
Properties such as design, orientation, thickness of insulation, good airtightness, results in much reduced energy demand compared with standard construction.  It delivers lower running cost, affordable mortgage repayments and all this within a comfortable living environment.  Smartwin makes passive house construction easier.

Last but not least, smartwin has brought an aesthetic breakthrough to passive house window frames.  All the models of smartwin windows have an elegant and attractive look.

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smartwin Brochure (pdf)